AP-E7 is an ultra-soft, high barrier seven-layer casing designed primarily for low and medium caliber egg shape sausages. AP-E7 has higher over-stuff rate in compare with the standard version. As a result, it can be shaped by pressure of the filler to egg shape or by molds to different shapes, yet, it will retain in its new form for storage like all our casings. It could be reformed slightly better than five layer version. AP-E7 has slightly better color distribution, higher caliber consistency, stronger barrier properties and higher mechanical properties in compare with five layer version. The rest of its properties are slightly optimized or the same compare to AP-E5. At the moment, due to technical reasons a few plants in the world are able to produce this product and we are privileged to be one of them. Like all our casings, it could be filled and clipped with high speed automatic machine. Inner layer has high meat adhesion; as a result it prevents formation of trapped liquid phase between casing and sausage (product which contain moisture). Due to seven layer structure of the casing, weight loss during cooking and storage time is close to zero. All our casings are easy print on, surface of the final product is smooth, wrinkleless after cooking and during the storage time.