AP-H5 is a high barrier five-layer casing optimized for hanging products. Gravity will not deform the hanged product due to excessive force at bottom of hanged product. AP-H5 is stiffer casing in compare with the standard version. After cooking and during storage the caliber retain constant. As a result, despite extra force caused by hanged product or minor tolerance in pressure of the filler, the final product stays in the same shape and caliber. We advise this product for two major purposes, first high caliber sausage for hanging and second mass production of small caliber sausage which should have same shape in order to keep the filed weight constant. Nevertheless, this product is suitable for any type of rounded cooked sausage and processed cheese. Like all our casings, it could be filled and clipped with high speed automatic machine. Inner layer has high meat adhesion; as a result it prevents formation of trapped liquid phase between casing and sausage (product which contain moisture). Due to five layer structure of the casing, weight loss during cooking and storage time is close to zero. All our casings are easy print on, surface of the final product is smooth, wrinkleless after cooking and during the storage time.