AP-L7 is an Ultra high barrier seven-layer casing for all types of sausage and cheese products. This casing is designed to extend the shelf-life of products with no additional conservatives. Due to placing an EVOH layer in the structure of the casing in addition to few other layer modifications, gas barrier especially oxygen barrier increased tremendously. As a result the product can last much longer in harsh environment due to absence of oxygen. The advantages of Long Shelf-Life casing: 1. Extremely high barrier against gases (more than 20 time stronger gas barrier) 2. More resistance against relative humidity 3. Better machinability 4. High accuracy color and caliber uniformity (Tolerance <3%) 5. Higher mechanical strength 6. High abuse resistance 7. Higher resistance to oil and organic substances AP-L7 is the most sophisticated and optimized product among all our casings. Evidently, it provided the options to sausage and cheese producers to either extend the shelf-life of their final product or reduce the amount of conservatives in order to provide healthier product. Perfect color distribution, caliber consistency and extremely high barrier properties are the main advantages of AP-L7 in compare with standard casing. Ap-L7 could be filled and clipped with very high speed automatic machine. Inner layer has high meat adhesion; as a result it prevents formation of trapped liquid phase between the casing and sausage. Due to seven layer structure of the casing, weight loss during cooking and storage time is close to zero (it is shown in the table represented in AP-L7 catalogue). The surface of the final product is smooth and wrinkleless after cooking and during the storage time. This product is easy print on thus it can be used as the consumer final packing. At the moment, due to technical reasons, less than three plants in the world are able to produce this product and we are privileged to be one of them.