AP-S is a high barrier seven layer standard shrink bags. The word standard stands for type of production of this product at Arta. Nevertheless, Arta standard shrink bags have higher barrier comparing to the conventional five layer shrink bags in the market. While keeping the cost at the same level we have produced a seven layer shrink bag which can perform better than conventional five layer shrink bags due to its gas barrier and mechanical properties. Variety of products could be packed in a shrink bag, for that reason we produce our shrink bags with different thicknesses. Depending on the shrink force and sharpness of the packed material the choice can be altered. All Arta shrink bags are seven layers and made from high quality food contact and PVC free raw material, as well as the rest of our products. Our goal is to increase customers’ profit margin by supplying premium quality product while optimizing its properties in order to reduce the unnecessary costs of packaging. For the same reason we optimize our product to deliver you the perfect packaging for your product. Our shrink bags are highly transparent; we have reduced the haziness to its minimum level while keeping the barriers high. However, your product is the main factor to guide us about required type of shrink bag. For that reason, we always recommend assistance of our technical group to make sure you have chosen the right shrink bag. By analyzing the final product and its storage condition we could always recommend you the right packaging. It is our duty to support our customers in choosing the right packaging for their final product.