Companies can pursue countless avenues when it comes to promoting their products. Appearance is the first step of taking attention to improve sales and marketing. Make use of print advertising would be one of them. We offer our printing service, to provide a product ready to be used as a final packaging. It is our job to ease the production for our customers, thus; depending on the order we offer different printing services for different products. As it is shown below, we have two types of printing services:

1.UV printing 6+6 colors is our premium quality printing service which has photo printing ability. By our experience, it is impossible to remove the print without tearing the casing (not possible to be removed by the mold, boiling, steaming, ink solvents, duct tape or very sharp gears as sharp as knives). With this machine we can print HD photos, both sides of your casings. We always recommend our clients to use this service for medium to large caliber on premium or average product.
2. Solvent base printing 6+6 colorsis our cost efficient printing service which has highest demand in low caliber casings. By our experience this printing service is more suitable for low caliber mass production sausage or processed cheese packaging. With this machine we can print both sides of the casings. We often recommend our clients to use this service for their cost-effective small caliber products.


In shirring process we unroll the casing from reel and then compress it with shirring machine from few meters to few centimeters. As a result the casing will be ready in small sticks “briguette” shapes ready to be filled by high speed stuffing machines. It is evident that, using shirred casings can significantly simplify the process of stuffing of sausage sticks, while saving working hours and reducing the labor costs to minimum. In order to ease the production, we provide two different types of shirring process. The tied shirring which has been done by screw and loose shirring which has been done by paddles. Each one of these shirring methods is suitable for different products and different stuffing methods. We are always available for you to consult about your production and ease your production by preparing our casing in required way.


Packing is the final stage of preparing the goods to be shipped. Considering excessive humidity, heat and route of shipping we may alter the packing in order to protect the product against environmental factors. On the other hand our experienced team can always recommend you the most efficient way of packaging to optimize using space and reduce your final cost for transportation. We keep the shipping cost to minimum by choosing right size of packing for different sizes of reels. Depending on the order we offer different packings to deliver your order. Nevertheless special requests are always accepted in order to ease the shipping process.